First Time Nootropics Stack Report

Following up on my previous post reviewing Powder City Nootropics. Today I have a phone meeting with a new client. I want to communicate at my very best, and I’m planning to go to the gym later and do some upper body exercises. Gotta keep those arms pumped for my lady 😉


  • Running on ~5 hours sleep
  • Daily Adderall user (~20mg/day). Did not dose today.
  • Daily vaporized nicotine user ( ~18mg/day)
  • Young adult male, ~160lbs
  • Empty stomach
  • 65mg Iron Supplement taken sporadically every few days. Took one today as well but don’t consider it part of the stack.

Stack Contents

  • 1.25 grams Phenibut
  • 100mg L-Theanine
  • 15mg Noopept (taken sublingual)
  • 20 grams Body Fortress Creatine


1.25 grams Phenibut was a perfect dose for me the last time I took it. Very pleasant. I felt productive, social, and motivated.

Noopept serves well as a memory and logic enhancer, but has the side effect of making me feel anti-social.

Creatine boosts ATP for physical energy. No major side effects there. L-Theanine has a calming effect for me.

I expect that the Phenibut and Noopept will synergize, giving me the added mental boost of Noopept with social boost of Phenibut with few side effects.

I think the L-Theanine will smooth out any bumpiness caused by the stimulant properties of both Phenibut and Noopept.

The Iron and Creatine should give me enough physical energy to perform well at the gym.


0-hours – Feel a bit sluggish today. Didn’t fall asleep until about 7am and woke around noon. Excited about the new client. A bit dizzy from not eating yet.

1.5 hours – Feeling a little dizziness. Nothing to write home about. I expect the stack will kick in soon. Ate a small meal as I’m feeling very hungry.

2.5 hours – Feeling some good effects now. Phenibut doesn’t feel as strong as last dose. I feel calm, focused, and slightly energetic. Not nearly at the level I thought I would. Either I ate too soon, or the Phenibut/Noopept combo is cancelling out rather than synergizing. Still a bit hungry 😛

3 hours – Effects coming on a bit stronger. High focus and good motivation. Sociability is not quite where I wanted it, but I don’t feel anti-social.

4 hours – While my focus level is good I still feel a bit sluggish. Had a cup of coffee and a light dinner.

6 hours – Effects starting to wane. Never made it to the gym. Had a good phone meeting with the client ~30 minutes ago. I think using Phenibut by itself would have had a stronger effect on sociability.

Summary – This stack positively affected mood and focus, but had little to no effect on sociability. Caffeine improves the stimulant properties of this stack. Very few side effects and no hangover effect from the Phenibut. Could be useful for long work days. Unfortunately, Noopept seems to completely cancel out the Phenibut when it comes to sociability.

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