Learn this FIRST! The BEST Computer Programming & Coding Language || 2016 & 2017

In this introduction to programming I teach you how to code using fundamentals. I go over the best programming language for beginners.

If you’re looking for a guide on how to start computer programming or how to start learning computer programming this is the best guide.

Learning to code where to start? This guide will teach computer programming for dummies and coding for dummies. Learn to become a good computer programmer.

I see lots of posts on reddit and quora asking “What programming language should I learn first?” “What’s the best programming language for jobs? What’s the best programming language for web development?” “What’s the best programming language for video games?”

In this video I’ll teach you the best programming language to learn first, the top language of 2016 & 2017, the latest programming languages in 2016 & 2017.

In this video I’m going to teach you the best programming language
for beginners. But first i’m going to tell you a secret that no other
programming tutorial can show you or will show you.
You ready? I’m about to drop a bomb on you.

There is no best language!
Regardless of what anyone tells you you don’t have to start with any specific language, whether
they’re telling you it’s java or c# or JavaScript or whatever…it’s better to just learn a language that
does what you want it to do. H

owever at the end of this video I’m gonna tell you which language you should learn first
at least, that I think you should learn first. It’s very easy to use and get you set up quickly.
In this video I’m going to teach you the fundamentals of all programming languages so that you
can choose any language and get started very quickly.

. Programming languages use math! Surprise, surprise! Computers use math to make decisions. All computers are
just giant calculators that can make decisions using numbers. Now despite what every college syllabus will tell
you you don’t need calculus to be a computer programmer i think most colleges require calculus two or three but in
reality most of the time you’re going to be
using basic algebra and basic math
90 percent of the problems you are going to
solve using a programming language use
ad represented by the plus sign subtract
using the minus sign and multiply using
the asterisk divided using a /, and modulo
which is the percentage sign most of the
time you won’t use modulo except in
programming interviews where you’ll use
it every single time to solve these buds
but that’s a topic for a different video
programming languages using variables if
you remember algebra then variables are
pretty simple you know x equals or y
equals in programming we don’t
necessarily only use variables to stall
to store numbers they just stored data
you can think of a variable like a
like Bob stands for Robert so variables
just stand for something else we use
them to store information and logic most
of the time logic that way we don’t have
to rewrite the same set of instructions
to do simple common tasks over and over
we create a variable that has the logic
and then we use that logic just using
the variable name just like variables
arrays and hashes store information you
can think of array like a bucket and a
hash like a shelf arrays are like
buckets and they’re represented by
brackets the brackets are just a symbol
and most languages that mean this thing
is an array and erase store a bunch of
one object or a bunch of different
objects just like a bucket you can just
reach in and grab any of them at any
time and you can go through the entire
bucket hashes are like shelves are very
organized use a hash when you want to
find something and put it in a specific
place patches are represented by the
curly brackets and each item in a hash
usually has a name or a key and then
that Key has a value so the name would
be the label on the shelf and the that
is the key data or objects that are
actually stored on that shelf for the
value to go through raising hashes we
most of the time use loops loops just
let us do something a bunch of times it
would be really really tedious to write
out every single line of code one by one
since computers need exact instructions
you don’t want to have to keep rewriting
things so a loop will allow you to go
through and do something multiple times
for loops are very common and they allow
you to do so
something a certain number
of times so if you wanted to go through
an array or a bucket and grab about
three males or different items from that
array you would use a for loop and do it
every time
alternatively while loops keep going
until they meet a goal and the way they
meet that goal is through a conditional
conditionals are questions for a
computer that is how you computer
understands what to do next they allow
you to make your program smarter and
allow you to use your computer to make
decisions based on your program they use
boolean to make these decisions which
I’ll go over in a second most common
conditionals are ifelse statements
which is if a condition is met that goal
is met do whatever is in the code do
something and then if it’s not meant to
do something else a lot of times this is
nothing if the condition isn’t met you
don’t want anything to happen but
sometimes you do have a default case
that you want and that’s the elf sorry
health statement and the ifelse the
other one is switches and switches allow
you to check multiple conditions and do
something unique for each condition so
if you have a lot of conditions that
could be true ace which is usually your
best bet
millions are how computers understand
logic and the answer is always true or
there’s never a gray area we have
modifiers that are similar to billions
but aren’t technically billions that
make life easier such as or the boolean
operators common to most languages are
equals equals or triple equals which is
just equivalent to saying this equals
there’s the greater than sign the less
than sign the listing are equal to sign
that should say greater than or equal to
the greater than or equal to sine is
actually up here this is less than or
equal to the not operator so this is
saying something is not true and then or
allows you to specify multiple
conditions like if I’m hungry or if I
haven’t eaten in four hours
those would be things you would use in
the or and then and is just the two
ampersands science which means that both
conditions have to be true so what
language should you learn i recommend
javascript the reason i would make
recommend javascript is the same reason
i would recommend learning the language
that is in the country you are located
in like if you’re in America you would
learn English no script is very easy to
use and setup because it runs everywhere
it’s an every browser and not every
computer you don’t have to install
anything or said anything up or and
still look through a kind of
it just is always there and everpresent
meaning that you will have lots of
people who use JavaScript and you can
use JavaScript and computer without
having to do a bunch of technical stuff
the other reasons to use JavaScript are
that all the cool kids are doing it that
is walmart paypal almost everyone is now
using javascript to power their backend
systems and their friend systems which
saves money on developers as well as
makes it so that people don’t have to
learn a whole bunch of new languages
it’s very very powerful and especially
on the web you can use it to do almost
any programming tasks that you need
however there are quite a few things
that you can’t do with that yet but that
you might be able to do that in the
future such as building apps and
building complex video games
it’s a great daily driver
what i mean by that is that you can use
it everyday to solve simple problems and
big problems like you don’t need to be a
fulltime programmer to get a lot of
value out of JavaScript the other
language i would recommend you learn if
you don’t want to learn JavaScript a lot
of people hate on JavaScript and say
that it’s not a good language for
beginners because it’s not statically
typed i recommend c sharp and its place
with C sharp you can really do just
about anything you can make native
windows applications so programs actual
programs that run on your computer you
can make video games you can make web
services you can make phone apps pretty
much anything you want to do you can do
with C sharp and it’s pretty easy to use
for the type of language that is there’s
a ton of jobs and csharp so you can
make a lot of money with C sharp and of
course making video games is all big
reason that a lot of people want to get
into programming and the Unity game
engine is on C sharp that is what a lot
of the new video games are being
programmed in and if you’re trying to
build something from scratch
unity is a great platform and having
csharp knowledge allows you to use it
static typing javascript is not static
type where C sharp is and static typing
means that you have to declare what each
type of variable is before you use it
this prevents a lot of common errors
that beginners make however it does kind
of get in your way as you program and so
a lot of people don’t like static typing
but it’s kind of like the having a
parent there to hold your hand instead
of JavaScript lets you do whatever you
want to eat all the ice cream and
cookies in the house
static typing says you know your bedtime
is at ten o’clock and you have to do
things a certain way which is arguably a
good thing for beginners because it
prevents them from making lots of stupid
errors however static typing doesn’t
make you a good programmer and so my
arguments against start typing I don’t
like it but if you are a beginner
programmer you will learn a lot from
static csharp is more complex than
JavaScript but it’s also more powerful
while still
well being relatively easy however you
do have to set up a csharp environment
setup code editors you need specific
software to run csharp there’s just a
lot more overhead with it so for most
people i would recommend that they learn
JavaScript there’s a ton of great
content out there and it’s completely
free csharp is a more aimed at
professionals and yet it’s still a very
simple language and still very powerful
thanks for watching this video if you
liked this video give me a thumbs up and
if you have questions or you you know
want to tell me something about what
language you think people should learn
first leave that in the comments below
I’d love to hear from you guys alright
take it easy

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