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Just completed this tutorial on how to build a web bot that automatically posts ads to craigslist using Nightmare.js The goal of this guide is to teach you how to build web bots and web automation tools using Nightmare.js and avoid common pitfalls with proper planning, research, debugging techniques, and managing asynchronous code.

In this video I demonstrate how to use sheetrock.js, a simple way to query, retrieve, and display data from Google Sheets. Sheetrock js runs in the browser or on a sever so it’s a great way to add a little dynamic content to an otherwise static site without the overhead of server-side languages or frameworks

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In this tutorial you will learn to build a screen scraper using node.js, nightmare.js, and jQuery. This will scrape all the gigs posted on craigslist in the computers section for any city you choose. You can hook this up to a cron job and email yourself the results at regular intervals.